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Zeta application

Do you know about the zeta application with which you can do local store shopping very easily. As we can see there are many applications that provide us the features like online shopping and online food order. But coming upto this application this has a quite diffrent feature as we can see this application is helpful for you to do your local store shopping. 

Not only local you can use this application with any store registered with zeta. For using this applications first we need to register our mobile number with the zeta app and verify the email. You will receive a zeta code. This code will act like a mediator between you and the shop to complete your payment.

To do the payments through zeta application you have to add money to zeta wallet.

When ever you do shopping in the store registered with zeta you can just pay the bill  or amount using the zeta code.

This application is available in the following platforms :

Here is the application interface of the zeta app. 

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