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How to share your exact location on whatsapp

Many of us will send their location details to their friends, colleagues when you are meeting them around. But maximum cases (not every time) whats app will fail to send the exact location of your place. This may lead to a very big problem as the person whom you want to meet will be taking the location point and reaching some where else.

This is what we do when our someone ask us to send our location through whats app.
Location sent through whatsapp

But instead of the above step when a friend ask you to send your location to him. Follow these steps so that he can reach you easily.

Even you can follow the same procedure to send a desired location on the map for meeting.

STEP 1 :
Open Google maps

STEP 2 :  long press on the exact location on the map where you want your friend to meet you. Then a drop pin will appear automatically representing the exact location point.

Location point marked

STEP 3 :  just tap on the location the you will get a option to share the location.

Share your location

STEP 4:  Now you have shared exact location through google maps. 

Location shared through google maps via whats app

If you share your location using google maps rather than from whats app 99% location accuracy will be there.
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