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Introducing Bitcoin

So bitcoin is a new form of money which means a digital currency. In the present world if we observe everything is digital. And maximum number of online transactions are being done in the form of digital currency - but how does it work ?

Here are the 3 major aspects of bitcoin

1) origin - how bitcoin came in to existence
2) Technology - what kind of technology is being used behind the scenes.
3) Currency - how to use bitcoins as money.

Bitcoin is a special type of currency we use electronically and no one controls it. That means no government has the authority to control it. It is printed just like the dollars or euros. For digital trading many of the businesses take its advantage for electronic online money transactions.

Creator of Bitcoin :  Satoshi Nakamoto is the developer of bitcoin.

As he found there are many drawbacks and the problems he found the the online transactions he come up with a new idea about the digital money where any one can use it. He makes it simple for everyone as the proposal of the digital currency transfer to any person or organisation with a low transaction fees than the bank do.

Why do we use bitcoin ?

Because its fast, cheap, easy to use and no governments take the right to stop the usage.
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