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How to become a Hacker

Hacker - Many among us shows interest in this word. And if you take the geeks of this generation they are desperate to learn Hacking. But the problem is they don't know how to start and from where.
I will not tell you a big bang theory to start but will guide you.If you want to start from the scratch you should start from Programming.

Many people say that its not required to know programming to become a hacker. But..!! think one point here if you are doing hacking with a software developed by some one and just by clicking on NEXT NEXT, FINISH and RUN. If this is the case then a School kid can also do this stuff.

But the matter here is not about using software, its all about to know the functioning.

So Without programming skill you can't do that. Make yourself clear with this point.

  1. programming

    basics of C , Java.
  2. web Development

    HTML basics 
  3. Database

  4. Networking

    TCP/IP, Https, Http, ACL, Router, Switch, Firewall..
  5. Linux

    Centos is best to learn the Network Administration and system administration.
The above mentioned basic skills are mandatory to start your career as a Hacker.

NOTE : Never use windows OS to learn Hacking always prefer the LINUX OS.

because if you start doing hacking using installed tools then u will satisfy with the graphical interface but you will not learn the subject.

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