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'Step 1:-Check the IP & Assign the Hostname'
# ifconfig (to check ip)
# hostname
# vi /etc/hosts (provide hostname and ip)
# vi /etc/hostname (to make host permanent)

'Step 2:-Install the Packages'
# yum install sendmail* -y
# yum install http* perl curl php dovecot -y
# yum install hunspell-en mod_ssl cyrus-imapd -y
(Download the Squirrel Mail App from Internet & Install with rpm
# wget* (to get app from lab pc)
# rpm -ivh squirrel* --nodeps (to install)

'Step 3:-Edit the Main Configuration Files'
# vim /etc/mail/
Go to line no.118-add dnl # before the line
Go to line no.157-replace localhost.localdomain
with system hostname ''
:wq(save & quit the file)
# m4 /etc/mail/ > /etc/mail/
(Compiling Source File Data into Main Conf File)
# vim /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf
Go to line no.25 - remove # & add spool after var
as mention - /var/spool/mail
Go to line no.119 – remove # & add mail after groups =
as mention - mail_access_groups = mail
:wq(save & quit the file)
# vim /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-auth.conf
Go to line no.10 - remove # and change yes to no
Go to line no.100 - at last add login after plain

'Step 4:-Copy Squirrel Mail Files & Paste in /var/www/html to get
the WebPage of mail server '
# cp -rv /usr/share/squirrelmail/* /var/www/html/

'Step 5:-Add the Users & Restart the Services'
# useradd tom
# passwd tom
# useradd jack
# passwd jack
# service sendmail restart
# service httpd restart
# service dovecot restart

'Step 6:-To Send or Check the Mails in Text Mode'
# su - tom (login as a user)
# mail jack (to send mail)
Subject: Hi
Hi how r u
. (press dot to send the mail)
# exit (logout)
# su - jack
# mail (to check the mails)
Enter the option to read for ex:1
To Reply the Mail,type - & reply
press dot to send the mail
# exit (logout)

'Step 7:-To check the result in GUI'
# firefox
# firefox (to access from client pc)

'Step 8:-To Check the Server Log Files'
# cd /var/log/ (access this location in mail server pc)
# cat maillog (to check the details)
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